Choosing A Consultant

You’re thinking about hiring a hospitality or restaurant consultant to help grow your business. Hiring a restaurant consulting firm can be a game changer, assuming that you hire someone with the talent to make your business a success. The last thing you want to do is throw away money on a restaurant consultant who isn't qualified for the job.

Watch this short video, and walk away with the three tips you absolutely must know before you hire a hospitality or restaurant consultant.

Video Transcript

I've worked in this industry about 30 years and during that time, I've worked with a lot of consultants. And what I have seen time and time again are people who work very, very hard and long hours and people sort of enter their experiences with this learned mindset, "I want to be open to things." And yet at the end of it, they still fail and they're very frustrated because they still can't figure out why. It's like, "I worked hard. I was open to everything. Why did this happen?" And the reason why we fail in business oftentimes is because we don't know what we're doing. So it becomes critical to know what you're doing, and there's no better assurance of that than hiring a really awesome consultant.

And when you go to select a consultant, because anybody could say they consult, you want to look for a couple of things. Number one, you want to look for a consultant who really is knowledgeable about our industry, someone who has had experience in it. And then, alongside of that and just as important, you want to make sure that the consultant has experience in your particular type of business.

The other thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you have a consultant who has the skill sets to consult, someone who has had formal training in consulting that you either get from doing a master's program at a business school or through some certificate or certification program that trains consultants. You want a consultant who knows how to come in and has the ability to analyze your business, and then to be able to figure you figure out what's wrong and then to be able to prescribe the necessary solution so that you start to turn things around and become successful.

And then you want to hire a consultant that you know cares about you, someone who understands that what this engagement is about is making you successful. It's not about getting them more work. And so what I often find is that there are people who understand coaching and who are experienced certified coaches who know how to come in and that the end game is more than just about solving this particular problem for you, the end game is also about making you more confident and you more self-sufficient. So at the end of the day, the next challenge that comes along, you feel very capable, and you are, of being able to handle it yourself.

Carl Sumter