On Gratitude, Thanksgiving 2017

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On Gratitude

This being our very first blog post, the fact that it's Thanksgiving Day is fitting, as gratitude is one of our firm's core values. We sincerely appreciate every opportunity we're given to do what we do.

And so it is on this Thanksgiving day that I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our partners, clients, and associates for supporting Savor's ongoing work and development.

Being in the business of helping others succeed - while still fostering our own baby-steps - is humbling. The high level of preparation, learning, listening, and execution required to pull it off is insanely challenging.

Yet embracing that has been remarkably transformative and represents the kind of change and empowerment I enjoy helping others to create for themselves and their businesses. I love this work and am grateful to everyone who supports and shares in this vision of bringing our best selves to the surface.

Happy Thanksgiving!





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