What do all successful restaurants and hotels have in common? Effective marketing.

Carl Sumter, Managing Partner at Savor Strategies, explains how merchandising, social media, and customer experience all play an important role in your marketing strategy, and are directly tied to your bottom line. Discover the three parts of your hotel or restaurant marketing strategy that will make your business a success.

Video Transcript

I've had the opportunity to work for some amazing restaurants and hotels in our industry, and the one thing that the best restaurants and hotels that I've worked for have had in common, is their focus on marketing and understanding how that's tied to the bottom line.

So there are three activities that you can do that will ensure financial success for your business. And the first of those is understanding what merchandising in our industry really is about. And it's about understanding what has to happen for every guest, for every customer, that comes through your business from the time they enter the restaurant to the time that they leave. And then, optimizing opportunities for them to spend money in your business.

Then, the second thing that you want to attend to is your online presence. First of all, you want to make sure that your website, for example, is as user friendly as you want your establishment to be. And you want to make sure that all the social media surrounding you, everything from Twitter, to Instagram, to Facebook, that they're supporting what your image and brand are supposed to look like, so that there is a unified message through all of that.

And then, the last thing that you want to make sure that you attend to is marketing to existing customers. A lot of people get confused about what that is. Some people think it's about collecting your customers’ email addresses as they come into the restaurant or handing them an invitation to the next event. What marketing to existing customers really is, is making sure that when your customer comes in that you are providing the best experience for them possible. So that at the end of it all they leave very happy, they're more apt to come back to visit you again, and they'll certainly tell other people about their experience.