Our consultancy specializes in all the right areas to help you start, grow, and sustain your business.

Business Planning

Produces winning business plans covering every facet of operations, marketing, and finances for restaurants and boutique hotels.

Leadership Development

Provides assistance and support, solves problems, and resolves challenges for owners and all levels of management.

Process Improvement

Focuses on enhancing systems and processes in your business, through "reinventing the wheel" or re-configuring work flow.

Human Capital

Offers solutions for a variety of human resource issues, from recruiting and retention to compensation and workforce challenges.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Advises on matters of compliance with federal and local government regulations for restaurants, hotels, and hospitality-related businesses.

Information Technology

Assigns one or more consultants to provide technology implementation and integration of hardware, software, and POS-PMS systems.

Sales & Marketing

Assists with all aspects of sales, promotions, events, and marketing strategies to help you improve and maintain your customer base.

Financial Management

Addresses matters surrounding finance, taxes and payroll-related systems, bookkeeping, compliance issues, and accounting.

Subject Matter expertise

Offers input in a particular area of specialty. We pride ourselves on the many experts on our team who understand specialized processes better than most other individuals, and who can provide advice on specific challenges to help hospitality businesses succeed.