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Savor Strategies is a business coaching and consulting firm specializing in professional and organizational development for the hospitality industry. We offer consulting engagements, coaching sessions, and project workshops that produce effective operational strategies for restaurants, hotels, event planners and hospitality-related businesses. Through assessments, business planning, personal change, and organizational alignment, Savor commits to producing the absolute best, sustainable outcomes for hospitality leaders, their teams and their establishments.



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Savor Consulting

We help you structure an effective leadership approach that is part of an ongoing improvement process for you and your team. Through our combined experience, resources, and education, our consultants help your establishment to perform at its best: a business that is proactive, profitable and sustainable.

Savor Coaching

We co-create the agenda for coaching sessions by listening to your business concerns and challenges. We take a problem-solving approach to improving the performance of your executives, senior managers and employees, while striving to recognize and make optimal use of their inherent talents and strengths.

Savor Workshops

We believe the success of our workshops must be tangible and measurable: you must believe in their efficacy by seeing results. Whether it's a business plan, marketing video, or training manual you need, we aren't finished until each participant leaves with a palpable sense of accomplishment and new capabilities.


We Help Hospitality Leaders Create Profitable Restaurants, Hotels, and Travel-Related Businesses.

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