Profitable Restaurants. In an industry where ninety percent of new restaurants fail within their first five years, cash flow and profitability are crucial to staying alive. New arrivals are especially vulnerable to costly mistakes, negative reviews, poor decision-making, and other liabilities. No matter your level of competence, Savor works with leaders as an extension of their expertise to optimize margins and revenue.



Our consulting sessions are designed to produce specific results for clients and their businesses. Whether it’s sharing information, assisting with start up logistics, advising on technology implementation, or rescuing an enterprise from failure, we know the importance of providing efficient and effective solutions to the everyday challenges of running a hospitality business.



Business coaching is a behavioral and developmental process that builds upon a leader’s capacity to achieve professional and organizational results. Coaches work with clients one-on-one or in groups to engage them in a thought-provoking session to maximize their potential, improve their workplace performances, and produce fulfilling results in their professional lives.



Savor’s seminars, workshops, and retreats come in several flavors. We offer one-on-one and group formats, depending on professional or organizational needs. Our educational offerings are driven by evidence. We collect anecdotes from experts and process details from you and your employees – data garnered from multiple perspectives within the industry and your organization.

“We were skeptical about finding someone we could trust to understand our situation…and to help us get control of everything as quickly as possible. With Savor we felt safe to admit we were struggling and that made all the difference…the solutions provided improved our bottom line almost immediately.”


Savor’s Mission:

To build a reputation of trust, consistency, and reliability in safeguarding the professional interests and well-being of our clients, employees, and partnerships.